Other Projects

Anson-East Union Aquaponics Cooperative Project 

100 Gardens has partnered with the Anson-East Union Aquaponics Cooperative to educate, equip, and assist low-income neighbors with the skills and resources to produce fresh fish and vegetables for their families and neighbors through multiple home-based aquaponic systems linked in a cooperative community network.
Selected qualified growers will be provided with all start-up equipment and supplies as 
part of a mutual Growers’ Cooperative Covenant, and will receive ongoing coaching 
and mutual support from all members within the cooperative network.

Second gathering of the Anson-East Union Aquaponics Cooperative

The Ultimate Schoolyard Garden

Southern Spring Show 2014

In 2014 100 Gardens participated in "The Ultimate Schoolyard Garden" exhibit at the 2014 Southern Spring Show in Charlotte, NC. The Aquaponics exhibit featured a 10' tall vertical hanging system and raft hydroponics connected to a fiberglass fish tank with viewing window. The exhibit was a huge success, receiving two awards from The American Horticultural Society at the 2014 Southern Spring Show! We give big thanks to The Green Teacher Network for making this exhibit happen! For details on the Ultimate Schoolyard Gardens, visit the Green Teacher Network website here.