Aquaponics in Schools

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the cultivation of fish and plants together in a constructed, re-circulating ecosystem, utilizing natural bacterial cycles to convert fish wastes to plant nutrients. This is a natural food growing method that requires no soil, conserves water, and produces protein and vegetables at rates that exceed conventional farming. Aquaponics can be scaled up to a commercial level, and down to a simple backyard system for home food production.

Get An Aquaponics Lab In YOUR School!

Aquaponics Labs are hands-on learning centers, raising plants and fish in an integrated system, to teach science, technology, math and engineering while also exposing students to nutrition and healthy eating habits. Want one in your school? Contact us here!

Garden 1: The George Powell Memorial Garden

(Garden One)

The George Powell Memorial Garden

Our first installation as a team. Dedicated to an expert in hydroponics, George Powell, who helped craft the first vision. George passed from cancer before 100 Gardens was forged. 

Read George Powell's Story

Click Here for photos of The George Powell Memorial Garden. 
Garden 2: Aquaponics Lab at Stonewall Jackson

(Garden Two)
Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center

The Aquaponics Lab at Stonewall Jackson YDC in Concord, NC is the first 100 Gardens installation at a public institution. Serving as the flagship program, Stonewall Jackson students learn biology, chemistry, math and engineering principles through aquaponics. 
Along with the aquaponics greenhouse, there is a large area for in ground vegetable production. Since 2014, the students at SJYDC has produced over 4,000lbs of produce for the local Meals on Wheels programs...
Follow the progress of the Stonewall Jackson YDC Aquaponics Lab via Blog:
For images of the Aquaponics Lab click here.

Aquaponics Lab at South Iredell High School

(Garden Three)
South Iredell High School 

The aquaponics lab at South Iredell High School in Troutman, NC is under production. The lab  includes fish tanks located inside the AG Mechanics workshop. A roll-up door is was installed that opens the workshop directly into the greenhouse. The hydroponic components in the greenhouse are fed from indoor fish tanks.

Students at SIHS have also made aquaponics instructional videos, narrated in french, for the growers in Haiti. For the SIHS-Haitian Aquaponics Collaborative website click here.

Garinger High Students managing the Aquaponics System

(Garden Four)
Garinger High School - The Urban Farm

The Aquaponics Lab at Garinger High School is part of the Urban Farm for Freindship Gardens. The Aquaponics system produces up to 200 heads of leafy greens every week and up to 400lbs of fish per year. A 2 acre field beside the greenhouse serves as the major farm for Friendship Gardens located in Charlotte, NC. All the produce grown in the field and the aquaponics system are donated to Friendship Trays, the Charlotte "Meals on Wheels" program.

To follow what's happening at the Garinger Urban Farm, follow this blog.

Newly completed Aquaponics Training Center in Mahanaim, Haiti

(Garden Five) 

Mahanaim, Haiti - Aquaponics Training Center

 In Mahanaim, the Aquaponics Training Center is up and running, training agronomists in aquaponics as well as testing crops and collecting important data for system optimization. The system consists of an 800 gallon in ground concrete fish pond, and three raft hydroponics beds hooked to the pond. 

The effort was a collaboration between Johnson C. Smith UniversityJoseph's Exchange and 100 Gardens. It will serve the greater Haitian community as a learning center for aquaponics and renewable energy, as it is run completely on solar energy.

Aquaponics System at Webb St. School

(Garden Six) 

Webb St. School. Gastonia, NC

Webb St. School, a special needs school in Gastonia, NC has partnered with 100 Gardens to expand their highly productive in-ground gardens to a new aquaponics greenhouse! Read the full story here.

Newly completed system and students holding fish to be stocked into tanks

(Garden Seven) 

St. Vincent's School for the Handicapped. Port au Prince, Haiti

St. Vincent's School for the Handicapped is a school for deaf, blind, and physically disabled children in Haiti. 100 Gardens has completed a small system on campus to introduce aquaponics technology to the students at St. Vincent's. This smaller system is now stocked with fish and plant will be stocked in a few short weeks. Students at the school are managing the system and collecting data for water quality, plant and fish growth, yields and other metrics. This experience not only grows food but also provides experiential learning for science, math and technology. For updates visit the 100 Gardens Blog.

Myers Park students finishing up the floating raft growing channels. Photo Credit: Drea Photo Artistry

(Garden Eight)

Myers Park High School. Charlotte, NC

On September 11, 2015 the new aquaponics system at Myers Park High School was unveiled to the public. This system includes (4) 450 gallon fish tanks, a vortex filter, desgassing system and 224 square feet of floating raft growing channels. The system can produce up to 400 lbs of live fish per year and up to 200 servings of greens per week.This project was truly unique in that it was conceived, funded and implemented by a group of students at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, NC. This aquaponics system is one part of "The Mustang Project", an initiative created by students at Myers Park to bring gardens and fresh food into the community and provide experiential learning opportunities for their fellow students. To learn more about the Mustang Project visit the website here.

(Garden Nine) Mr. and Mrs. Bloomingarden. Statesville, NC

A small commercial aquaponics venture has sprouted in Statesville, NC. We are happy to announce our first private-venture aquaponics installation for Jim and Judy Garreau. The couple plans to operate their 6,000 gallon system for growing salad greens and fresh fish for market and restaurant sales. Keep up with the progress here!

(Garden Ten) Hickory Grove Christian School. Charlotte, NC

We are proud to partner with Hickory Grove Christian School for the development of their aquaponics lab! HGCS will be using aquaponics as a platform for hands-on learning and will also explore the possibility of integrating aquaponics into their global mission projects. For more information visit the school's website here.