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Sam Fleming (Credit: Drea Photo Artistry)

Sam Fleming - Vice President

Sam started his career in farming as a hydroponics retail store manager. After forming 100 Gardens with Ron Morgan, Sam has been the lead designer for 100 Gardens' aquaponics installations in schools, correctional facilities, trade shows and in Haiti. Sam was the horticulture instructor at the Stonewall Jackson Youth development Center in Concord, NC and also currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Friends of St. Vincent's School for the Handicapped in Port au Prince, Haiti.

Monty Thompson

Monty Thompson - Vice President

In 1994, Monty found his way to Charlotte after two terms as power production engineer at the largest desalination plant in the world on the Persian gulf in Saudi Arabia. Within a few years, Monty founded Blue Ridge Recycling along with another partner. Now located at 3811 North Davidson, providing a free drop off recycling service for Carpet and Carpet pad, are now recycling over 2 million lbs, per month.

Searching for another problem to solve, Monty found Bokashi, a method of food waste recycling that developed in Japan. Bokashi is a fermentation process that decomposes food waste in 30 days, and provides a valuable fertilizer. Monty is now a distributor of TerraGanix Products, who holds the US patent for the Original formulation of the Effective Micro-organisms by Dr. Higa in Japan. 

Monty also acts as operations manager for 100 Gardens and works with Sam and Charlie in installing the aquaponics facilities for 100 Gardens.

Charles E Oliphant

Charles E Oliphant - Secretary and Treasurer

Charlie is a North Carolina CPA and received his bachelors and master
degrees in accounting from Brigham Young University with emphasis in
IT. He started his career as a computer auditor for a “Big #”
accounting firm and has been practicing as a financial executive in
public, international, and local private companies for over three

Charlie has eaten from, weeded in, and tilled gardens from his youth
and although claiming no unique skills in gardening, growing things is
in his blood. His great-grandfather established the first nurseries in
Utah, his grandfather was a professional “gardener” and his
schoolteacher father provided a significant portion of the family’s
nutrition from the family gardens and orchards.

Cynthia Marshall

Cynthia Marshall

Cynthia Marshall has served the Charlotte community as President of the Junior League of Charlotte and is the founding Executive Director of Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, formerly Cities In Schools, a position she held from 1985 to 2006. Currently, Cynthia serves as a consultant and board member of several non-profits, connecting schools and organizations to programming and partnerships related to sustainable food production, school/urban farms, nutrition and fresh food preparation.

Britt Weaver

Britt became a part of 100 Gardens through the Queen City Forward Incubator, where he initially served as a business mentor. With over 30 years of experience working in financing, marketing, and sales, Britt actively looks for ways to use his strengths to help Charlotte become a better place—this is what drew to 100 Garden’s mission of creating opportunities through food education at both schools and prisons.

Britt’s extensive work experience includes raising capital for both commercial real estate ventures and solar companies and serving as the president of Blue Mako for over ten years. In conjunction with 100 Gardens, he hopes to continue to bring high quality food to food deserts both locally in the Greater Charlotte area and in areas of need, like Haiti.

Ron Morgan (Credit: Drea Photo Artistry)

Ron Morgan - Founder (1942 - 2016)

Unfortunately, Ron passed away May 30th, 2016, but his legacy lives on. Ron has always been stirring things up, either creating tree houses as a child or working as a community activist as an adult. Looking back from age 71, Ron remembers with perfect clarity his struggles with restrictive schooling contrasted by his early addiction to motorcycles racing. Formally educated as an architect, he enjoyed decades of professional practice as a developer recycling historic buildings and revitalizing downtowns across the Carolinas. Ron is the first to say he's not much of a gardener. 

Click here to view Ron Morgan's portfolio "30 Years of Community Practice"

Legal Assistance provided by:

Terpening Wilder Moors, PLLC ("TWM") is an elite boutique white-collar law criminal defense and federal litigation practice in the SouthPark area of Charlotte, North Carolina. We are excited to be helping 100 Gardens pro bono as part of our commitment to serving the community. Please contact us at (980) 265-1700 with any questions or visit our website at www.terpmo.com for more information.

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Ben has 10+ years of experience in hydroponics and retail sales and was an integral part of the construction of the aquaponics systems at Stonewall Jackson YDC, Garinger High School, South Iredell High School, and several community garden projects. Ben is the manager of the Seeds on 36th Garden Center.

Former Interns

Kayula Mulenga

Kayula Mulenga - Zambia, Africa

Mr. Mulenga serves as the Managing Director for Luapula and Transport Logistics Ltd. where he manages the overall business and finance to insure efficiency and profitability. He currently manages over 1000 livestock. He also serves on the Anti-corruption Commission of Zambia where he investigates corruption cases. Kayula is also currently enrolled at Copperbelt University for a Master’s in Finance and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. While in the US he hopes to work with a company involved in agribusiness in order to build his skills in marketing in the agriculture industry as well as learning best practices in managing various aspects of agribusiness including supply chain management to farming technique. Upon his return Kayula hopes to further develop his small beekeeping and honey production business which he hopes will provide greater employment for local farmers. He has already sought funding from the government for training in this area and plan to incorporate lessons learned while in the US. Kayula is also volunteers his time as the treasurer of the Mansa Sports Club and enjoys playing golf and chess.

Jacob Huffman

Jacob Huffman

I’m a Charlotte native, tracing my North Carolina roots back a couple hundred years through a history of homesteaders, mill workers and sharecroppers. I found myself involved in service at a young age, through soup kitchens, on Habitat for Humanity jobsites, at the Salvation Army and so on. My friends and family have instilled a deep sense of devotion to the Charlotte community in me over the years. I enjoy service work, and agriculture, and community organizing, and rambling at length about these topics in my spare time. I believe that the justice and equity of a society depend on the health of its natural and man-made environments, specifically our farmlands and our cities. I believe building peace and equality starts with bridging divides between people of different backgrounds, and that food is at the center of that effort. Last year I served as an AmeriCorps Crew Leader in new construction at Habitat Charlotte. This year I continue my work as a FoodCorps Service Member, engaging students at Garinger High School and Shamrock Gardens to be active stakeholders in their personal health and community agriculture. If you see my bearded mug smiling around town, feel free to say hey!

Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson

A lifelong outdoorsmen with an appreciation for natural capital and an interest in its protection and sustainability developed from a young age; currently pursuing a bachelor's in Environmental Studies. A writer, gardener, and detail-oriented worker comfortable in traditional business and field work environments. An Eagle Scout.

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