Life is ultimately about systems - organisms, social/economic systems and ecological systems. To encourage new ways of learning science, math and numerous other subjects we are forging development partnerships in schools, prisons, and community institutions to establish a network of Aquaponic Gardens. To learn about STEM learning through aquaponics visit our Projects page.

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Interested in aquaponics?! This one-day hands-on workshop will get you started on your path to growing your own fish and vegetables in the most exciting way...aquaponics!

Learn all the basics of aquaponics from instructor Sam Fleming, Co-Director of 100 Gardens. Sam has constructed aquaponics facilities in a juvenile detention center, 4 high schools, two in Haiti, for exhibitions and tradeshows, and in several backyards. Sam has over ten years of experience in hydroponics and aquaponics, and was the horticulture instructor at Stonewall Jackson Youth Development center in Concord, NC.


Students lead project to help remedy food issues in Charlotte, NC (Photo Credit: Drea Photo Artistry)

BLOG POST: Students Surmount Huge Odds to Build Aquaponics Garden

This greenhouse in Charlotte, NC looks ordinary from the outside. However, its interior hosts the very future of sustainable agriculture: a state-of-the-art aquaponics system. This cutting-edge community garden represents far more than advances in farming technology. In fact, 100 Garden’s eighth aquaponics system represents the culmination of Myers Park High School students’ dream that took root in the school community and grew into something incredible. This is the Mustang Project....Read more
Myers Park student explaining the aquaponics system to community members. Photo Credit: Drea Photo Artistry

Garden #8 Complete! The New Aquaponics System at Myers Park High School. (September 2015)

On September 11, 2015 the new aquaponics system at Myers Park High School was unveiled to the public. This system includes (4) 450 gallon fish tanks, a vortex filter, desgassing system and 224 square feet of floating raft growing channels. The system can produce up to 400 lbs of live fish per year and up to 200 servings of greens per week.
This project was truly unique in that it was conceived, funded and implemented by a group of students at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, NC. This aquaponics system is one part of "The Mustang Project", an initiative created by students at Myers Park to bring gardens and fresh food into the community and provide experiential learning opportunities for their fellow students. To learn more about the Mustang Project visit the website here.
Haitian community members crowded around the fish tank at the newly completed Aquaponics Training Center in Mahanaim, Haiti

Two Aquaponics Installations in Haiti are Now Complete! (June 2015)

We are proud to announce that our first two aquaponics installations in Haiti are complete! In Mahanaim, the Aquaponics Training Center is up and running, training agronomists in aquaponics as well as testing crops and collecting important data for system optimization. The effort was a collaboration between Johnson C. Smith University, Joseph's Exchange and 100 Gardens. It will serve the greater Haitian community as a learning center for aquaponics and renewable energy, as it is run completely on solar power.

The second installation is at the St. Vincent's School for the Handicapped in Port au Prince, Haiti. This smaller system is now stocked with fish and vegetable seedlings will be stocked in a few short weeks. Students at the school are managing the system and collecting data for water quality, plant and fish growth, yields and other metrics. This experience not only grows food but also provides experiential learning for science, math and technology. For updates visit the 100 Gardens Blog.

Newly Completed Community Garden at CRC

Newly Completed Community Garden at Christ Resurrection Church in Charlotte, NC (June 2015)

A partnership between New Leaf Foundation and 100 Gardens has resulted in the completion of the new community garden at Christ Resurrection Church. The garden consists of 25 raised bed gardens that will provide fresh food for low income families who attend the church. The gardens will be maintained by community volunteers and the young students who attend the after-school  program at CRC. 100 Gardens will also be installing a small aquaponics greenhouse on-site that will introduce the community to aquaponics and also provide STEM learning opportunities to the students in the after-school program. For more information on the New Leaf Foundation click here.

Aquaponics Training Center in Mahanaim, Haiti. Solar system is being installed next then on to plumbing, pumps, aeration etc...

Back in Haiti - Two Projects Underway (April 2015)

100 Gardens back in Haiti to complete the Aquaponics Training Center in Mahanaim and to begin construction of the Pilot Aquaponics Unit at the St. Vincent's School for the Handicapped in Port au Prince. The system at St. Vincent's is a replica of the system designed and built by students at Stonewall Jackson YDC. After completion students from SJYDC and St. Vincent's will compare systems via data sharing in order to optimize performance....follow the 100 Gardens Blog for updates.

SIHS - Haitian Aquaponics Collaborative Videos (March 2015)

The French classes at South Iredell High School, led by Bonnie Estes,  have created a series of informational videos to help growers in Haiti get started in aquaponics! To make the videos accessible for a large audience in Haiti the videos are narrated in French, by the students at South Iredell High School.

When 100 Gardens returns to Haiti in late April, we will be taking the videos to all of our partners in Haiti to learn from them and distribute to growers around the island. Upon completion of the first aquaponics facility in Haiti, SIHS students will be in frequent communication with growers and students in Haiti, sharing experiences from each others aquaponics facilities and learning about each others culture. Follow the official website here...

Mature romaine lettuce ready for harvesting

First Harvest - Aquaponics Training System for Haiti (March 2015)

The first round of crops have been harvested in the Aquaponics Training System for Haiti. To see the first stages of the crop visit the first blog post. The students at Stonewall Jackson YDC harvested 24 heads of romaine lettuce. The next round of crops will be Carolina Reaper chilies and okra. Both peppers and okra are common crops in Haiti. Follow the blog!

Latest Aquaponics Lab at Adventist Christian Academy in Charlotte, NC

"Garden 6" Underway at Adventist Christian Academy
(February 2015)

We are proud to partner with Adventist Christian Academy in Charlotte, NC to build the latest Aquaponics Lab (Garden 6/100). The Lab will include a greenhouse with aquaponics and hydroponics systems for STEM learning opportunities. Solar panels will power pumps, fans and accessories, a true display of education through sustainable practices. Below are some words from ACA Principal Fred Armstrong:

"Charlotte’s Adventist Christian Academy is excited about partnering with 100 Gardens this year as we move our educational program to match the goals of the S.T.E.M. initiative.  We are looking for ways to create healthier, more ecologically conscious and higher thinking citizens for tomorrow’s world.  We also want our students to be involved with taking a role in helping our less fortunate neighbors in a practical and sustainable way, even at the earliest of elementary school grade levels.  The Aquaponics lab as designed and supported by 100 Gardens is a huge part of meeting these goals on our campus.  It’s ability to connect us with other learners both locally and internationally is taking our students educational experience way beyond the classroom.  100 Gardens’ is our connection to the future of education in 2015."

Aquaponics Training System for Haiti Up and Running at Stonewall Jackson YDC (Jan 2015)

Students in the Horticulture Program at Stonewall Jackson YDC have completed and "turned on" the aquaponics training system that will be used in Haiti at the St. Vincent's School for the Handicapped. This is a prototype system that will be tested by the students at SJYDC in conjunction with an identical unit that will be installed at St. Vincent's in March 2015. This system is a scaled down version of the University of the Virgin Island's Commercial Aquaponics System, built with materials that can be acquired in Haiti such as plastic drums, concrete block and plastic plastic more